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The summer of my sophomore year of college, I graduated from Great Lakes basic training in 1968 as part of a reserve pilot training program (AVROC) and entered flight school in 1970 upon college graduation. Due to a flight instructor shortage halfway through training, in late 1971, I was re-assigned to the CO Rung-Sat Special zone staff in-country during the Vietnam Conflict. I returned to the GOT for my second combat tour as DESRON 1 navigator aboard USS Hoel (DDG-13). I later added the role of assistant chief engineer. I was released from active duty in 1974 to return to my doctoral studies in psychology. I was reactivated by BUMED in 1982 to run a Navywide study of shipboard health service delivery followed by various studies of BUMED officer corps communities. I was re-assigned to oversee studies and analyses for OP-01. Subsequently, I was asked to revert to reserve status in order to manage a laboratory for the FAA which enabled direct support of special OPNAV, ONR, and White House studies in addition to the FAA Administrator. I retired after 32 years and began a second career as a program official and faculty member at the National Institutes of Health until my final retirement in 2012.

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