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AUSN Pilot Project Invites Local Businesses to Connect with U.S. Navy Personnel & AUSN

AUSN Pilot Project Invites Local Businesses to Connect with U.S. Navy Personnel & AUSN

Lieutenant Commander Steven Rogers, USN retired, and former Nutley, NJ, Commissioner, who is now the Operations Officer of the Association of the United States Navy (AUSN), is creating pilot projects across the nation. He’s reaching out to community leaders, municipal governments, small businesses, and other community organizations to partner with the AUSN to provide the public with knowledge about the importance of the U.S. Navy and to support a multitude of services and resources AUSN provides active, reserve, retired, and veterans of the U.S. Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard personnel and their families.


“This is a way the AUSN can reach the community with who we are as an organization and help small businesses by attracting more people to them,” said Rogers. “It is a win-win for everyone. We support America’s Navy through advocacy, community, and educational resources.”


AUSN Pilot Project Starts in Nutley


This week, Petracco’s Deli in Nutley, NJ, became the first small business in the nation to enter this AUSN pilot project by opening its doors to the public, offering a meeting place to sit with U.S. Navy, Marine, and Coast Guard personnel, and receive information about what the AUSN and the Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard have to offer them and their families.


Al Petracco, the deli’s owner and a Nutley Township Commissioner, is so committed to supporting the AUSN he invented the AUSN Mini-Submarine Sandwich.


“Commissioner Petracco has aways demonstrated, by both word and deed, support for our military personnel and veterans,” said Rogers.


“We can never give our veterans enough for what they did and are doing today for our country,” Petracco said. “Come on in, have some free coffee, try an AUSN mini-sub sandwich and sit with our wonderful American military men and women.”


More Pilot Projects to Benefit Navy Personnel in the Works


Rogers says the AUSN has a few more pilot projects being created in New Jersey and if they work well, these programs will be offered to small businesses across the nation.”


If your small or local business is interested in being notified about this pilot project's results or is interested in helping provide local and welcoming spaces where U.S. Navy active, reserve and veterans and their families can connect with each other and the community, contact us.



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