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2023 2nd Quarter Progress Report & Newsletter

The Association of the U.S. Navy is sharing how we have been representing you, initiatives in the works, and how you can be involved. Contact us at with suggestions. We always enjoy hearing from our members.

One of the future National Museum of the U.S. Navy concepts (DoD photo illustration: DLR Group)


1. Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow Q2 Report

2. New AUSN Board Members

3. Patriotism Awards Given

4. Membership Directory in Progress

5. Future Plans for the National Museum of the U.S. Navy

6. AUSN Scholarship Applications Under Review

7. AUSN DC Chapter Sponsors Outing

8. Upcoming Reunions

9. AUSN Sponsors Battle of Midway Dinner

10. AUSN Invited to National Memorial Day Remembrance


Becoming involved with AUSN helps you see the bigger Navy. Go beyond the connections in your squadron or unit. Help us advocate for America’s sea service personnel by joining AUSN or renewing your membership today!


CAPT Loren Page, USN (Ret.)

Interim Executive Director

Association of the U.S. Navy

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