Since 2000, AUSN’s Scholarship Program has awarded more than $500,000 to undergraduate students who are members, children, and grandchildren of AUSN members and surviving spouses of deceased members.

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Student eligibility guidelines:

  • Students who are entering an undergraduate program in college or an accredited technical institution are eligible to apply.

  • Applicants may apply during their senior year of high school and up to their senior year in college or technical institution.

  • Applicants must remain a full-time student defined as maintaining an average course load of 15 credit hours, with a minimum of 12 credit hours in any semester or quarter throughout the year at an accredited college or technical institution.

  • Applicants must maintain a grade point average (GPA) of 2.5 or above.

  • Scholarships are school-year specific and must be applied for annually.

Image by Jasmine Coro
Image by Tim Mossholder

Patriot Awards

AUSN’s JNROTC and NROTC Patriot Awards Program recognizes the best of the best of our young Shipmates. Students are nominated for the Patriot Award by their Unit Instructors for demonstrating honor, courage and commitment. Students who receive the award are given a medal that they are authorized by the Navy to wear on their uniform.

Instructors who wish to nominate a recruit for the Patriot Award can fill out this application and send it to by April 15th.