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You can be the voice for veterans we need in public policy

Government policy affects more and more people every day.

Veterans benefits are just one example of how the government touches people’s lives. Many Americans work for companies that adhere to environmental, trade or defense policies that are always changing. Millions of others notice policy changes related to taxes, Medicare and Medicaid, and rules aimed at stopping the spread of COVID-19.

What you may not realize about government is that certain constituencies can be hurt if their points of view aren’t heard by policymakers.

That’s just as true for veterans as it is for other groups. But too often, there aren’t enough veterans involved in public policy, and that shortage can lead to policies that hurt those who wore the uniform and those who still wear it.

One way to make sure your perspective is heard is to become one of the voices advocating for veterans and active-duty members. Congress and state legislatures would benefit from your voice, whether you’re acting as a lobbyist, staff member, policy expert or even a lawmaker.

This goal isn’t as far away as you might think. The most effective people in public policy are those who are driven to make a difference on an issue they care about. Veterans and active-duty service members already have a deep base of knowledge on military matters and might only need a grounding in the details of how legislative bodies work and how ideas are transformed into policy.

One way to get there is George Washington University’s Graduate School of Political Management. This pro-military institution is looking for veterans with college degrees who are interested in a career in political management, legislative affairs and strategic public relations.

GW is pro-veteran:

  • GW is a Yellow Ribbon school that accepts GI Bill benefits.

  • GW has a staff dedicated to making sure veterans are maximizing their benefits and taking the correct course load.

  • Veterans’ application fees are waived.

GW also supports active-duty service members who are thinking about life after service:

  • Active-duty members can start part-time and can alternate between in person or online classes.

  • Those on active duty who maintain a 3.3 GPA are eligible for merit-based scholarships.

  • Active-duty service members’ application fees are waived.

Check out GW’s Graduate School of Political Management if you want to learn more about how you can still serve this nation as an advocate for those who risked everything to protect it.

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