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WATCH: U.S., allies sink USS Denver, USS Rodney M. Davis

The U.S. and its Pacific allies teamed up last month to send the decommissioned USS Denver and USS Rodney M. Davis to their watery graves as part of a joint training exercise at this year’s RIMPAC.

In mid-July U.S., Canadian, Australian and Malaysian ships and aircraft sank the Davis (FFG 60) as part of RIMPAC’s sinking exercise, or SINKEX. The U.S. Navy released a video of the sinking that would make big budget action movie director Michael Bay drool:

Want more?

A few weeks later, Pacific allies sunk the USS Denver, and of course they filmed it:

Task & Purpose has a great writeup of the exercise that we won’t try to imitate… it has all the information you want about the kinds of military hardware that took down the two ships.

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