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Ricky crud: Navy extends boot camp from 8 to 10 weeks

Updated: Jan 14, 2022

New recruits will now face 10 weeks of boot camp at the Navy’s Recruit Training Command instead of eight weeks, a move that will allow additional training in the Navy’s new “Sailor for Life” training phase.

“We’ve added more leadership and professional development to the basic training toolkit, which Sailors can rely on throughout their careers,” said Rear Adm. Jennifer Couture, commander, Naval Service Training Command. “This additional training reinforces character development with a warfighting spirit so our Navy is strong, lethal and ready.”

The Navy said the additional two weeks will ensure recruits are “more effective and combat ready Sailors,” and provide time for “leadership and professional development.”

Navy officials told reporters Friday that another specific reason for extending boot camp is to ensure new Sailors are properly trained. A wave of accidents at sea have prompted calls from Congress to ensure the Navy pays enough attention to basic training.

“Our ships, submarines, aircraft and other fleet units have got a lot on their plate,” said Rear Adm. Jennifer Couture, the commander of Naval Service Training Command, according to the Navy Times. “And they do not have the time to do basic training. That’s my job, to do basic training.”

But other elements of the program include further education on issues like sexual harassment and assault prevention training, suicide prevention, and anti-hazing training, the Times said.

Increased physical fitness is another goal.

“We expect that the additional two weeks of basic training is also going to reap some benefits in terms of our physical performance as well,” Couture said.

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