Navy mocked for putting a COVID mask on its Twitter logo: ‘We’re doomed’

Updated: May 7

The Navy found itself on the wrong side of social media mockery this week after people discovered the eagle used in the Navy’s Twitter logo is wearing a blue COVID-19 mask.

The current logo is an American eagle clutching an anchor, but that logo has been wearing a COVID mask since last year. Once discovered, a zoomed-in picture of the logo was subjected to merciless ridicule.

Twitter users called it a “blatant show of weakness” and “depressing.” One said China, Russia and Iran are “laughing at us.”

Robert O’Neill, who was on the SEAL Team Six team raid that killed Osama bin Laden, wrote, “The @USNavy put a mask on the Eagle on its home page. We’re doomed.”

The Twitter account of Rear Admiral Charles Brown, the Navy’s Chief of Naval Information, waded into the debate by saying the logo has included the COVID mask for about a year, and asked if the masked logo is “worse than losing half a million American lives” to the virus.

The social media episode is the Navy’s second Twitter battle in as many months to draw attention.

In March, the II Marine Expeditionary Force (IIMEF) got into a social media war with Tucker Carlson. The Fox News host argued on the air that the Pentagon’s effort to accommodate expecting months in the military make a “mockery” of the U.S. military.

In response, IIMEF tweeted out a picture of a woman Marine carrying another Marine on her back, with the message, “What it looks like in today’s armed forces @tuckercarlson. Get right before you get left, boomer.”

IIMEF quickly deleted that tweet and apologized for being unprofessional.

“We are human and we messed up,” the organization said on Twitter. “We intended to speak up for female Marines and it was an effort to support them. They are a crucial part to our corps and we need them to know that. We will adjust fire and ensure the utmost professionalism in our tweets.”

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