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Military Times: Navy fires head of Great Lakes boot camp

Updated: Jun 16, 2022

The head of the Navy’s boot camp was relieved of command Saturday, becoming at least the third commanding officer to be fired in the past week.

Capt. Jeffry Sandin had been in charge of Recruit Training Command Great Lakes, Illinois, since May 2021.

No reason was given in a brief Navy statement for Sandin’s firing, but it noted “a loss of confidence in his ability to command.”

There was no investigation that led to Sandin’s relief, and he does not face any additional disciplinary actions, according to Naval Education and Training Command spokesman Cmdr. Brian Wierzbicki.

“The decision to relieve a member of a command triad is made with the utmost care and after thorough consideration by higher command leadership,” he said in an email.

Capt. Kertreck Brooks has assumed the responsibilities of command for the unit, and Sandin has been reassigned to Naval Service Training Command headquarters.

Read more at MilitaryTimes.

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