Memorial Day message: ‘I beg of you to forever listen, and to remember’

Former Navy SEAL David Rutherford delivered a Memorial Day message to AUSN leaders and members this week after joining them in a wreath-laying ceremony at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

Rutherford, a celebrated motivational speaker, described his years in the service and the men he knew who lost their lives while serving the country. When attending the funeral for a friend of his, he recalled how people in the church rose to “pay tribute to Matt’s contribution to the blood-soaked fields of yesterday’s lost souls.”

Former Navy SEAL David Rutherford, left, toasts the service members who came before with AUSN members and staff.

In that moment, he said he was able to “hear the hymns” of the thousands of unknown service members who came before.

David was another friend who sacrificed his life for his country just five years ago. Rutherford said David was a covert operator whose acts for his nation will never be known.

“The sacred silence binds his honor to ours, and the shadows of these historical deeds that were done on your behalf will eternally whisper the known to the unknown,” he said. “I beg of you to forever listen, and to remember.”

After visiting the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier earlier in the day, Rutherford said no American soldier is ever truly alone.

“No pools of blood shall ever be alone as long as we continue to wage war against the imposed drought of freedom,” he said. “Tyranny and hate shall be drowned by the storm of American patriots willing to forever pour their souls into the abyss of evil.”

Rutherford said joining AUSN at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier was “one of the greatest moments of my life,” and urged the group never to forget the sacrifices of those who came before. “I hope and pray that the Association of the United States Navy recognizes what is at stake,” Rutherford said.

He joined AUSN Board Chairman Daniel Feliz and Executive Director Jason Beardsley at the Admiral bar in Washington, DC May 27.

AUSN Board Chairman Daniel Feliz (left) and Executive Director Jason Beardsley (center) introduce Rutherford.

Beardsley unveiled an early glimpse of AUSN’s new Navy magazine, and welcomed members who were visiting from Ohio over drinks.

“We’re here today because our members, we consider them family and it’s time we started meeting, gathering and collecting our family… listening and understanding how we best represent you here in DC,” he said.

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