In passing: Alfred Procopio, the veteran who fought for Blue Water Navy benefits

AUSN was saddened to learn that Alfred Procopio passed away this morning.

Procopio was the veteran who successfully sued the Department of Veterans Affairs and won benefits for 90,000 Blue Water Navy Sailors. The decision found that serving off the coast of Vietnam during the war was part of the Republic of Vietnam for purposes of deciding whether these Sailors were eligible for the presumption of exposure to Agent Orange.

AUSN supported Procopio’s efforts with the aid of AUSN board member and lawyer John Wells.

“We should all remember Al Procopio on this Memorial Day, along with other victims of Agent Orange,” said AUSN Executive Director Jason Beardsley. “We are proud of both is service at sea, and the service he rendered so many of our Navy shipmates when he came home.”

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