AUSN joins coalition to support May 1 withdrawal from Afghanistan

Updated: May 11

The Association of the United States Navy joined with other veterans’ groups this week to urge the Biden administration to adhere to the 2020 agreement to withdraw all forces from Afghanistan by May 1.

That date is now in doubt, as there are questions about whether Taliban forces have lived up to their commitment to reduce violence. The Biden administration has said no decisions have yet been made on whether to live up to the Trump-era agreement to withdraw.

In an April 6 letter to the White House, AUSN and eight other veterans’ groups said keeping this commitment would “support the safety of our troops, better steward vital American interests, and uphold the will of the American people.”

“The May 1st deadline to secure the orderly withdrawal of U.S. troops and equipment from Afghanistan presents the best opportunity any president over the past twenty years has faced to end America’s longest ever war,” the letter said. “Delaying the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan will keep our troops in harm’s way and provoke needless further bloodshed, for an unclear mission that is not necessary to keep America and Americans safe.”

It noted that the war in Afghanistan has now lasted so long that the children of American soldiers who first stepped foot in that country are “now eligible to serve in the same conflict as their parents.”

Other signatories to the letter are Secure Families Initiative, Common Defense, Concerned Veterans for America, Continue to Serve, Modern Military Association of America, Veterans for American Ideals, Bring Our Troops Home, and High Ground Veterans Advocacy.

Read the letter here:

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