DOD launching new career readiness tool in June, thanks to Navy leadership

Updated: May 7

The U.S. Armed Forces and the U.S. private sector are entirely different things, which is why transitioning out of the military can be a gut-wrenching, stressful ordeal.

Thanks to the Navy, that process is about to become a whole lot easier.

MilGears is something the Navy Education and Training Command has been working for the last few years. It’s meant to solve a problem that’s about as old as the U.S. military – how to track the education and training enlistees receive during service, and how to translate these experiences for private sector companies who might hire them.

The program does all that and more. It can assess gaps between a service member’s training level and the schools, apprenticeships or jobs they’re shooting for, recommend what additional training and education will help them reach those goals, and offer advice on what careers might be a good fit.

In a world where everyone’s first piece of advice is to go get degree, MilGears’ consideration of apprenticeships promises to open a whole new range of possibilities for service members who don’t think a four-year college degree is the right move for them.

MilGears has worked so well for the Navy that it will become a DOD-wide program for transitioning service members starting on June 1.

You can check out the nearly finished website here to get started (don’t worry about the “unsafe” warnings on this beta version of the site… it’s perfectly safe).

And if you want to learn more, you can register here for an April 28 seminar hosted by 50Strong that will explain to educational institutions and others how MilGears can help service members make the transition to a civilian job in the country they stood up to defend.

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