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AUSN offers to aid CNO Gilday in push for a 355-ship Navy

AUSN this week said it stands ready to help the Navy fight for a larger Navy fleet and offered to assist Chief of Naval Operations Adm. Michael Gilday in any way possible to get there.

“We support your effort to put the U.S. Navy on a path to reaching the goal of 355 manned ships, and to harness technologies that could boost our ability to project power through the use of unmanned vessels,” AUSN wrote along with four other veterans organizations.

“As we saw last year, however, a strong recommendation from the Navy’s top leaders to build more ships by itself does not necessarily lead to legislation that puts America on that path,” the letter said. “When it comes time to make the case for more ships, AUSN and its members are ready and able to lend weight to your position, as are the other veterans’ organizations on this letter.”

Read the full letter below:

Gilday letter shipbuliding 2022
Download PDF • 183KB

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