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AUSN awards $52,000 in scholarships to 21 undergraduate students

Updated: Mar 14

The Association of the United States Navy this year awarded $52,000 to AUSN family members who will be enrolled in undergraduate programs this fall in colleges across the country.

AUSN has awarded more than $500,000 in scholarships over the last 20 years in an effort to support the sons and daughters of AUSN members, in particular those who are interested in Navy or military service and those pursuing careers in science, technology, engineering, math and other fields that keep America strong and keep Navy ships afloat.

This year, five scholarship recipients are either in the Reserve Officers’ Training Corps, are planning on entering military service or plan to work on veterans’ issues, and nine are entering fields such as engineering, science, aerospace, math or computer science.

AUSN scholarships are sponsored in part by Delta Dental, which helped fund the undergraduate goals of five students this year who are seeking nursing and other related medical degrees.

“Awarding scholarships to deserving AUSN families is one of our most important responsibilities,” said AUSN Executive Director Jason Beardsley. “These students come from families who wore the uniform, and many will carry on that spirit of service in their chosen fields. It’s our privilege to help families that have already done so much for their country.”

The application window for 2022 has closed, but members are invited to apply for the 2023 Scholarship Program when the program opens again next year. Eligible students must either be an AUSN member or the relative of a member, enrolled or entering into an undergraduate or accredited technical institution, and must meet GPA and credit hour requirements.

Learn more about the program here.

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