AMERICAN DEFENSE NEWS: 'Extremism' means nothing, or anything -- Pentagon should drop the term

With the post-Capitol riot, partisan-fueled witch-hunt for so-called ‘extremists’ in full swing across America, the Pentagon is struggling to define a term, and a problem, that many believe doesn’t truly exist. Recently, as I wrote here, two top U.S. military commanders testified to the Senate that they had ‘zero’ extremists in their ranks, and by that they meant none had been found, and they were still looking.

But the message from these two commanders was clear – the ‘extremist’ label is ill-defined and over used. It either means nothing, or it can mean anything.

As I have written before, this issue is being politicized and weaponized by the Left and Democrats to potentially smear and demonize large swaths of the U.S. military, including Guard and Reserves. Almost anyone with conservative views can be targeted.

Jason Beardsley, the executive director of the Association of the United States Navy, recently penned an opinion piece for Fox News titled: Pentagon’s ‘extremism’ blunder –could make US military even more political. He notes that the term ‘extremist’ was gratuitously added to existing rules for military members prohibiting certain activities.

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