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2023 1st Quarter Progress Report & Newsletter

Updated: Apr 27, 2023

Enjoy our 2023 1st Quarter Progress Report & Newsletter packed with great stories, AUSN Meeting notes, and much more. See the attached download or CLICK HERE to read the report and newsletter.

• AUSN 2023 1st Quarter Report • Military Women Making History • AUSN Directory Underway • Providing Scholarships to our AUSN Youth

• Honoring the Swift Boat PCF-816 • And much more!

AUSN had an exhibit booth at the Surface Navy Association’s conference where the Honorable Carlos Del Toro, Secretary of the US Navy, stopped by to visit and get an update of AUSN’s current activities and plans for supporting the officers and sailors of the United States Sea Services.

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The Veterans' Day Procession was attended by members of the Native community from all over the United States. Those in attendance included one of three remaining Navajo Code Talkers, prior and current service men and women, and the future leaders of our military. (read more)

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By LCDR David M. Bradley, USN (Ret) I believe that th

e Swift Boat is important as it tells the story of the Navy’s operations in Vietnam to those who didn’t serve in that conflict and to those who came after us. As a volunteer aboard her twice daily harbor cruises on the weekends, I have seen firsthand how it provides some amount of closure to the Vietnam vets who ride her. She also serves as a memorial to not only the more than 3,000 American sailors serving in Swift Boats, but also the 50 sailors who were killed in action. Every Vietnam veteran who comes aboard is recognized, given a handshake and a “Welcome Home.” (read more)

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