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CDR Joseph Quaglino

CDR Quaglino received his commission through the NROTC program and served on active duty aboard a destroyer stationed in the western pacific. Upon completion of his active duty requirement, he affiliated with the Reserve Program. After a brief tour with the surface reserve, he transferred to the air reserve program supporting patrol squadrons and a major command staff in antisubmarine warfare.


Returning to surface programs, he had a command tour and served in staff positions on major Pacific Commands. His last tour was with the Maritime Defense Zone Pacific, a joint force consisting of Navy and Coast Guard assets focused on harbor defense and antiterrorism. CDR Quaglino holds a B.S. from the University of Southern California and pursued a career in the aerospace industry. During his career, he has held many leadership positions of project, technical, and line management.


He retired from the Boeing Company after over 40 years in industry. CDR Quaglino has been a member of AUSN since the 1970s and has held multiple positions within the organization, notably as President of the AUSN scholarship Fund and as chapter president of the Southwest region.  

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