What is the AUSN postcard outreach program?

AUSN provides members opportunities to support the Navy community. The postcard program is a great way to share your experience as a service member.


How does my card get delivered?

AUSN mails recruit postcards each week to the recruit training command's chaplain. The chaplain hands out the cards to the recruits.


Do I know the name of the recruit?

No. Due to privacy, your cards are delivered at the chaplain's discretion.


May I share my name and address with the recruit?

Yes. Many recruits have no one to write to during recruit training. However, we will never give out your name or address without your explicit consent.


Can I write more than one message on my postcard?

You can customize your message per order. So if you send postcards to 10 recruits, all ten will have the same message. You can choose to make additional orders with different messages.


Do I need to send a postcard if I have the recruit's address?

No. If your recruit shares their address with you via letter, you can write them without using a postcard.


How many cards can I write?

There is no limit on how many recruits you can write. Over forty thousand recruits are graduating recruit training each year. The need for postcards is significant.


What is the cost?

Each postcard is $3.50, which supports the cost of printing, shipping, and management of our member programs.


Is this tax-deductible?

Yes. AUSN is a nonprofit, and all donations are tax-deductible.