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Sailors and Marines know how to secure military objectives in the field, now they can secure the homefront

Anyone who came up through the Navy or Marines knows the value of teamwork, and AUSN is proud to continue in that tradition by partnering with the American Armed Forces Mutual Aid Association (AAFMAA).

AAFMAA has provided a range of financial services to U.S. Armed Forces veterans for generations, and today delivers peace of mind to veterans in areas like home mortgages, life insurance and wealth management – just as veterans delivered peace of mind to this nation through their service.

AAFMAA exclusively serves veterans, so they understand what veterans are going through, what they care about, and what challenges they face in the world of finance.

Don’t take our word for it: check out what real veterans say about the service they receive through AAFMAA.

Flowers on Wood

Life Insurance

“I have had a very good experience with AAFMAA. I first bought a policy at age 59 1/2. For those in an older category, you know life insurance is virtually impossible to purchase in your senior years. The AAFMAA agent helped me with a 10-year policy that was affordable. It was a pleasant, trouble-free experience.”

-Rodney Whaley, May 2021


Home Mortgages

“I recently refinanced my home mortgage through AAFMAA. They did an excellent job. Amanda Lucas was my agent and she was fantastic! She was loaded with good advice and steered through the entire process.”


-Gen. Michael A. Moffitt (ret.)


Wealth Management

“From my initial contact with AAFMAA Wealth Management to meeting Joshua Schnelle to setting up an IRA, I have experienced nothing but the best experience. I always felt, and continue to feel, that they really listen to my wants and needs and set up a plan that will meet those factors. I have never felt that my lack of experience was ‘looked down’ on.”

-Maj. Michael. H. Swinney (ret.)


Background and History

AAFMAA: Caring for Veterans and Their Families Since the Battle of the Little Bighorn
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