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Reserve component personnel who serve 30-days consecutively and 60-days non-consecutively are eligible to earn the GWOTSM. Many of you have asked how a drill day counts for a day toward the 30 or 60-day requirement.

Reserve component personnel include Full Time Support (FTS), Selected Reservist (paid drilling reservist), VTU (non-paid drilling reservist, typically called DRILLRES), and IRR (non-drilling reservist eligible for AT).

Most drill days (2 four-hour drill periods), paid or non-paid, count toward the 30-day consecutive or 60-day non-consecutive service criteria. Certain types of training duty do not qualify for GWOTSM eligibility. For example, drill days performed for the sole purpose of writing FITREPS/evaluations or for performing the PRT are not counted toward eligibility. Your Commanding Officer is responsible for deciding what training days will or will not be counted.

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