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Time-in-Grade Requirements for Officers O-6 and Below (including Chief Warrant Officers)

There is no single standard for time-in-grade (TIG) since it varies by use and grade. The most notable uses for TIG are:

  • Voluntary Retirement
  • Involuntary Retirement
  • Flag Selection Board Eligibility for O-6s

Note: Time-in-grade must be served in an active status (Ready Reserve or Standby Reserve-Active).

Time-in-grade requirements for a VOLUNTARY RETIREMENT are promulgated in SECNAVINST 1820.2C. This instruction applies to all Naval Reservists (including FTS), officer and enlisted, who are requesting a voluntary retirement. TIG requirements for Reserve officers retiring with a regular or non-regular retirement, O-6 and below are:

  • For Chief Warrant Officers, one day time-in-grade
  • For O-1 through O-4, a minimum of 6 months must be served in grade to retire in that grade.
  • For O-5 and O-6, a minimum of 3 years must be served in grade to retire in that grade. A waiver provision exists in law to allow for 2 years TIG. The waiver must be requested at time of retirement.

Time-in-grade requirements for an INVOLUNTARY RETIREMENT are promulgated in SECNAVINST 1920.6C. For grades O-1 through O-6, if subject to a nondiscretionary provision of law (such as age or years of service), a minimum of 6 months in grade to be retired in that grade.

Eligibility for CONSIDERATION FOR PROMOTION TO THE GRADE OF REAR ADMIRAL (LOWER HALF) is based on TIG, if a selection is being made for a particular competitive category. Not all competitive categories convene selection boards annually. To be eligibility to the grade of O-7, you must have at least 3 years TIG by the first day of the fiscal year of which the board is named. Example, you would be eligible for the upcoming FY08 URL O-7 selection board if you date of rank is 1 October 2004 or earlier (first day of FY08 is 1 Oct 07).

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