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Senate confirmation is a key element in the actual promotion of many but not all Naval Officers.

Who is required to be confirmed by the Senate? Active component officers in the Lieutenant Commander through Admiral (O-10). Reserve component officers Captain through Vice Admiral (O-9).

How is verification of Senate confirmation made known to the field? Notification of Senate confirmation, by board name, is promulgated by a numbered NAVADMIN message. NAVADMIN messages may be viewed on the BUPERS web site. Additionally, the Senate web site lists both Civilian and Non-Civilian nominations that have been confirmed.

By law, any officer who requires Senate confirmation may not be frocked or promoted before the day of confirmation. This is not a waiver issue.

History: Before the effective date (1 Oct 96) of the Reserve Officer Personnel Management Act (ROPMA), Reserve component officers in the grade of Captain and above required confirmation.

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