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The grade requirements and procedures for promotion to LTJG are promulgated in SECNAV Instruction 1412.6L. Accordingly, your commanding officer has the authority to promote you, if determined qualified, on the day of completion of 24 months from your Ensign date of rank (DOR). For example, if you currently have an Ensign DOR of 10 November 2003, your promotion and DOR to LTJG will be effective 10 November 2005. This will be the effective date for pay and allowances. This method of calculating DOR to LTJG is the only one authorized. No frocking to LTJG is authorized. Once promoted, don’t forget to obtain a new ID card.

In judging your fitness for promotion, your commanding officer is required to determine whether you are physically, mentally, morally and professionally qualified to serve in the grade of LTJG. Once determined qualified, promotion is effected by completing, signing and submitting NAVPERS 1421/7 (Rev. 05/05) to Navy Personnel Command. References (a) and (b) on that form are blank and must be filled in with SECNAVINST 1421.4D and 10 USC 14303 respectively.

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