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January 2009 NRA News

Editor’s Note: The following is a list of the known names of members of the Naval Reserve Association who have passed away. The information in parentheses beside each name is the state, district, and chapter. These names have been accumulated from 29 April 2008 to 30 November 2008, from surviving spouses, newspapers, obituaries, etc. Any NRA members aware of any other member deceased, and not previously published in NRA News, please notify us. May they rest in peace.

CAPT Davis E. Adler, SC, USNR (Ret) (WA/13-052)
LCDR George S. Ahlfield, SC, USNR (Ret) (VA/5-011)
CDR Robert L. Anderson, DC, USNR (Ret) (CA/11-172)
LT Ted Anderson, USNR (Ret) (OK/8-094)
CDR John G. Anderson, USNR (Ret) (TN/6-144)
CAPT Henry G. Bailey, Jr., USN (Ret) (OH/4-218)
CWO4 Shirley Barlow, USNR (Ret) (FL/6-221)
LCDR Howard N. Baylies, USNR (Ret) (CA/11-032)
CAPT Thaddeus R. Belsher, USNR (Ret) (MO/9-025)
LCDR Arthur W. Berger, SC, USNR (Ret) (IL/9-050)
CWO4 Robert O. Black, USNR (Ret) (IN/9-027)
LCDR Joseph F. Boring, USNR (Ret) (NC/6-136)
LT Norman Brandt, USNR (Ret) (NJ/4-006)
CDR George W. Brown, USNR (Ret) (FL/6-015)
CDR Henry P. Bryeans, Jr., USNR (Ret) (CA/11-133)
CDR Wesley R. Burns, Jr., USNR (Ret) (PA/4-207)
LCDR A. Joseph Callahan, USNR (Ret) (MA/1-107)
CDR Warren H. Card, USNR (Ret) (FL/6-175)
CDR Edwin W. Carey, USNR (Ret) (TN/6-066)
CDR Glen R. Carlstrom, USNR (Ret) (IA/9-134)
CAPT Willis H. Castner II, USNR (Ret) (TX/8-088)
LCDR Raymond S. Chadwick, USNR (Ret) (UT/12-084)
LCDR Page. B Clagett, USNR (Ret) (MD/5-011)
Mrs Catherine B. Clayton (AR/8-036)
CAPT George Peter Cook, DC, USNR (Ret) (NY/3-163)
CDR George F. Couperthwait, Jr., USNR (Ret) (NY/3-215)
CWO4 Alexander T. Coutts, USNR (Ret) (MT/13-158)
LT James T. Cox, USN (Ret) (PA/4-207)
CDR Cornelius L. Cronin, Jr., USNR (Ret) (VA/5-192)
CAPT Richard T. Cutillo, USNR (Ret) (LA/8-023)
LCDR Leon M. Davidenas, USNR (Ret) (PA/4-009)
LCDR Charles G. Davis, USNR (Ret) (NM/8-024)
LCDR Donn E. Deal, USNR (Ret) (UT/12-084)
CDR Virginia A. Decicco, USN (Ret) (CA/12-047)
CAPT De Blanc A. Delahoussaye, USNR (Ret) (LA/8-149)
CWO4 James D. Denson, USNR (Ret) (LA/8-103)
LCDR Melvin L. Detwiler, CEC, USNR (Ret) (NY/3-162)
CDR Joseph L. Dodd, USNR (Ret) (MI/9-081)
LCDR Francis J. Doherty, USNR (Ret) (MA/1-107)
CAPT Ellen T. Dunne, NC, USNR (Ret) (NY/3-004)
CAPT John S. Edinger, USNR (Ret) (DE/4-143)
LCDR J. Donald Edwards, SC, USNR (Ret) (VA/5-114)
CWO4 Peter A. Elleman, USNR (Ret) (WI/9-050)
CDR Frank E. Evans, USNR (Ret) (CO/9-072)
RADM Francis J. Fabrizio, DC, USNR (Ret) (DC/5-011)
RADM Nancy A. Fackler, NC, USNR (Ret) (FL/6-175)
LCDR J. Howard Fick, USNR (Ret) (TX/8-058)
RADM Richard P. Field, USNR (Ret) (TX/8-088)
Mrs Marion R. Flaherty (CA/12-048)
CDR James K. Foley, USNR (Ret) (MD/5-011)
CDR Charles R. Fry, USNR (Ret) (FL/6-221)
LCDR William A. Galeno, MC, USNR (Ret) (CA/12-044)
CAPT Felice A. Garcia, MC, USNR (Ret) (CO/9-072)
CDR John J. Giovannoni, USNR (Ret) (CA/11-133)
Mrs. Mary H. Goodman (KS/9-068)
CAPT Edward S. Grandin, USNR (Ret) (NY/3-004)
CAPT Dale V. Graves, USNR (Ret) (CA/12-044)
CAPT Ivan C. Griswold, USNR (Ret) (NE/9-096)
CDR Francis L. Haley, USNR (Ret) (NY/3-078)
CDR James B. Harrison, JAGC, USNR (Ret) (MO/9-025)
LCDR John T. Hart, USNR (Ret) (MO/9-025)
CAPT Frederick C. Hawkins, SC, USNR (Ret) (CA/12-044)
LCDR Richard L. Hays, USNR (Ret) (AR/8-036)
CDR William C. Hendrickson, CEC, USNR (Ret) (MN/9-045)
DK1 J. Donald Hernich, USN (Ret) (DC/6-191)
CAPT Paul T. Hilf, USNR (Ret) (TN/6-144)
CAPT Ross A. Hill, USNR (Ret) (VA/5-098)
CAPT Eddie Walsh Hogan, USNR (Ret) (AL/6-159)
CAPT William H. Holden, Jr., USNR (Ret) (VA/5-011)
LCDR Joseph D. Howard, USNR (Ret) (CA/12-044)
LCDR Ralph W. Hutchinson, CEC, USNR (Ret) (MA/1-061)
CAPT James H. Inglis, DC, USNR (Ret) (CA/12-044)
LCDR Eldon L. Jackson, USNR (Ret) (TX/8-092)
LCDR Charles P. Jacobsen III, USNR (Ret) (VA/5-011)
CAPT William R. Jones, SC, USNR (Ret) (HI/9-072)
CDR George W Jones, Jr., DC, USNR (Ret) (NJ/4-006)
CDR Doyle E. Jones, USNR (Ret) (NC/6-178)
CAPT Thomas H. Joyce III, MC, USNR (Ret) (MD/5-011)
CAPT Michael L. Kanninen, JAGC, USNR (Ret) (CA/12-044)
CDR Pius F. Keating, CHC, USNR (Ret) (AZ/11-090)
CAPT James R. Kenney, USNR (Ret) (PA/4-009)
LCDR Katharyn G. Kirwan, USNR (Ret) (WA/13-121)
CAPT Mark R. Koch, USNR (Ret) (CA/11-034)
CDR Newell E. Kollath, USNR (Ret) (NE/9-096)
LCDR Richard L. Koss, USNR (Ret) (CA/11-034)
CWO4 Robert D. Lambert, USNR (Ret) (MA/1-107)
CWO4 Leon L. Lance, USNR (Ret) (CA/12-049)
CDR David H. Landis, USNR (Ret) (PA/4-009)
CDR James B. Lange, USNR (Ret) (MS/6-118)
CDR Charles L. Latimer, USNR (Ret) (SC/6-198)
CDR Bernard S. Lau, USNR (Ret) (CA/11-034)
CDR Donald H. Ledin, USNR (Ret) (MN/9-076)
CDR Robert L. Lindsay, MC, USNR (Ret) (TN/6-140)
CDR Charles O. Little, USNR (Ret) (CA/11-040)
LT Bert E. Lloyd, RCNR (Ret) (/14-099)
CAPT Charles M. Lokey, USNR (Ret) (GA/6-014)
CDR Wilmuth C. Lucas, USNR (Ret) (MS/6-191)
CDR Stanley R. Mackay, USNR (Ret) (MA/1-107)
LT Eugene C. Markiewicz, USNR (Ret) (PA/4-200)
CAPT Eric E. Matchette, USNR (Ret) (KS/9-030)
LCDR Walter A. Mazan, USNR (Ret) (NM/8-112)
CAPT Stanley E McCaffrey, USNR (Ret) (CA/12-044)
CDR Charles L. McCoy, USNR (Ret) (IN/9-027)
CAPT Harman Taylor Meeks, USNR (Ret) (SC/6-147)
LT Chester V. Mierzejewski, Jr., USNR (Ret) (OH/4-208)
CDR Paul M. Mitchell, DC, USNR (Ret) (PA/4-009)
CAPT J. Kirk Morgan, USNR (Ret) (MS/6-118)
LCDR Henry E. Morris, Jr., CHC, USNR (Ret) (CA/12-049)
LCDR Peter S. Myers, CEC, USNR (Ret) (CT/3-183)
CAPT John S. Myhre, Jr., USNR (Ret) (NJ/3-186)
CAPT Thomas A. Nutt, Jr., USN (Ret) (FL/6-175)
CAPT John M. Nutter, CEC, USNR (Ret) (AZ/11-090)
CAPT Dale R. Paterson, USNR (Ret) (SC/6-091)
CDR Kempton J. Perry, USNR (Ret) (VT/1-214)
CDR John T. Phelan, CEC, USNR (Ret) (VA/5-011)
CAPT James C. Phelps, SC, USNR (Ret) (IN/9-027)
CAPT Francis S. Pinkowski, USNR (Ret) (CT/3-074)
CAPT Allen Poehler, USNR (Ret) (MN/9-076)
LCDR Edwin E. Pollock, USNR (Ret) (OR/13-115)
CAPT Hurley J Powell, USNR (Ret) (FL/6-175)
LCDR Mitchell H. Rechson, MSC, USNR (Ret) (PA/4-006)
CAPT Joseph W. Rickett, USNR (Ret) (GA/6-014)
LCDR Bernard B. Riman, CEC, USNR (Ret) (CA/11-133)
CAPT John J. Riordan, SC, USNR (Ret) (CT/3-004)
LT Bayard H. Roberts, USNR (Ret) (PA/4-009)
CAPT Lawrence Robertson, Jr., MC, USNR (Ret) (CO/9-072)
CDR Christopher T.W. Ross, USNR (Ret) (NY/3-078)
LCDR Matthew Rossen, USNR (Ret) (IL/9-050)
CDR Lewis F. Roth, SC, USNR (Ret) (OR/13-012)
CAPT David L. Rubin, USNR (Ret) (FL/6-015)
CAPT Ralph J. Rungo, DC, USNR (Ret) (CA/11-161)
CDR Russell D. Sawyer, USNR (Ret) (NY/3-162)
CAPT William A. Scaring, MC, USNR (Ret) (WV/5-188)
CAPT Dennis Schmitz, JAGC, USNR (Ret) (CA/11-133)
LCDR Harold C. Scholle, USNR (Ret) (IL/9-050)
CDR Albert E. Schubert, USNR (Ret) (CA/11-172)
CDR Arthur D. Sescleifer, USNR (Ret) (IL/9-126)
CAPT Frank R. Sleavin, Jr., USNR (Ret) (TX/8-088)
CAPT Charles R. Sloan, MC, USNR (Ret) (PA/4-200)
LCDR Theodore H. Smyth, USNR (Ret) (CA/11-032)
CDR Robert B. Sparks, USNR (Ret) (OK/8-094)
CDR O. K. Stampley, Jr., USNR (Ret) (CA/11-040)
LCDR Milton W. Stratford, USNR (Ret) (CA/11-034)
CDR Joseph M. Suozzo, USNR (Ret) (CA/11-034)
CAPT Paul M. Swanberg, USNR (Ret) (NE/9-096)
CAPT Geo Pete Taylor, USNR (Ret) (WA/13-052)
LCDR Margaret F. Thoma, MSC, USNR (Ret) (WA/13-069)
LT Marvin P. Thrasher, SC, USNR (Ret) (CO/9-072)
Mrs Rissie R. Toombs (FL/6-221)
Mrs Amelia V. Tulis (CA/11-034)
CAPT John J. Vandale, USNR (Ret) (TX/8-092)
CAPT Benjamin Vinton, Jr., USNR (Ret) (DE/4-143)
CDR Lawrence W. Waterman, USNR (Ret) (NM/8-024)
RADM Alban Weber, USNR (Ret) (VA/6-015)
LT Carl S. Wells, USNR (Ret) (LA/8-023)
LCDR William F. Wheeler, USNR (Ret) (NY/3-004)
CDR Robert L. Williams, USNR (Ret) (CA/11-161)
CDR Ralph G. Wright, Jr., USNR (Ret) (IL/9-050)
CDR Burton G. Wright, USNR (Ret) (MA/1-107)
CAPT Jerome B. Wyble, CEC, USNR (Ret) (DC/5-011)
LCDR Woodrow W. Young, USNR (Ret) (NC/6-178)
CDR John B. Zoller II, CEC, USNR (Ret) (FL/6-221)
CDR Victor A. Zucarelli, USNR (Ret) (NY/3-078)

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