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By limiting how long Sailors can remain in the Navy, the HYT program increases advancement opportunity for high-performing Sailors across paygrades and Length of Service (LOS).  The following HYT LOS gates have been established based on pay grade:

  • E1/E2 - Active-duty/Full-Time Support (FTS), 4 years; Reserve, 6 years;
  • E3 - Active-duty/FTS, 5 years; Reserve, 10 years;
  • E4 - Active-duty/FTS, 8 years; Reserve, 12 years;
  • E5 - Active-duty/FTS, 14 years; Reserve, 20 years;
  • E6 - Active-duty/FTS, 20 years; Reserve, 22 years;
  • E7 - Active-duty/FTS/Reserve, 24 years;
  • E8 - Active-duty/FTS/Reserve, 26 years;
  • E9 - Active-duty/FTS/Reserve, 30 years.

Command master chiefs may exceed 30 years of service with certain provisions. HYT waiver requests are considered on a case-by-case basis for approval. Requests to continue beyond a Sailor's current HYT date in support of an urgent and immediate operational requirement, in a deployed or soon to be deployed unit, or in an undermanned rating have the best chance of being approved.  All waiver requests for active-duty and Reserve Sailors must arrive at Navy Personnel Command (NPC) ten months prior to the service member's HYT date.  MILPERSMAN 1160-120 is a revision of the HYT policy that will incorporate both active-duty and Reserve policy, and will be effective 1 July  2012.  For more information, visit the HYT Web Page on the NPC website at or call the NPC Customer Service Center at 1-866-U-ASK-NPC or 1-866-827-5672.

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