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As I sit here in Alexandria on a Sunday morning we are working on the conference registration packages and things are slowly coming together. Speakers are confirmed, meeting rooms are assigned, and menus are set. Last week Kathy and Joe Quaglino made a second trip to Las Vegas to tie up loose ends and we appreciate that. This week CAPT McAtee, Bob and I will review all the voting procedures and put that in the packages as well. On Saturday of the conference we will hear from the Nominations Committee and hold the elections for National Officers. Then we will have nominations for the six initial Board of Directors positions (the new President is automatically on the Board); all this in the morning. After lunch we will hear committee reports and then elect the Board. We will conduct all of this balloting by Districts.

The Executive Committee members have all received the agenda for the EXCOM Meeting on the 26th and have also received the proposed changes to the Constitution (8), and the proposed changes to the By-Laws (8), including one for the OPS Manual. There are a lot of other Ops Manual changes dealing with the new Board of Directors and we will send those out shortly.

Last week I met with CHINFO, RADM Dennis Moynihan. We had a good discussion about our next Navy Now Forum and some membership programs that we are considering. Our effort here is to be sure that CHINFO knows what we are doing and where we are headed so that his staff can field any questions about AUSN which may come from the Navy front office.

Speaking of the Forum – we have set the date as the 4th of November 2010 at the Coronado Island Marriott Resort and Spa. It will be a lunch event as we did in Washington. Our intent is to invite some local Midshipmen and some Wounded Warriors from Balboa Naval Hospital as well as interested Navy and business persons. As soon as we have a tentative guest speaker we will begin advertising and seeking sponsors. Look for it on the web.

On the 14th of July, CAPT Puzon, Jill M. Olszewski and I attended the Military Times Service Members of the Year Awards Ceremony on Capitol Hill. These five men and women are nominated by local commands and compete nationally for this recognition. It is a wonderful evening and quite a “feel good” event. Thanks to CAPT Puzon we were listed as an Associate Sponsor of the event and our logo flashed on the big screen. I had the opportunity for a quick chat with Madam Speaker Pelosi, thanked her for attending and for her support of Veterans’ programs. I also had a visit with Congressman Gene Taylor (D-MS) an important member of the House Armed Services Seapower Subcommittee and Co Chair of the Guard & Reserve Caucus.

On the 21st CAPT McAtee represented us at the MCPON’s SOY Barbeque and presented our awards to the four Sailors of the Year. Look for his picture on the web and the four Sailors on the cover of the September issue of Navy. This was an historic year for this award as all four are women. CAPT Mac also represented us the next day at the SOY pinning ceremony at the Navy Memorial where the four were advanced to Chief Petty Officer.

While he was doing those things I was attending a reception on the 21st for Aviation Flag Officers and all day the 22nd I attended the Retired Aviation Flag Conference. I was pleased that three Admirals in the group told me that they enjoyed the magazine that I was sending them. I suggested that they remember that when I asked them to renew a regular membership, (those letters went out last Friday). There was a lot of discussion about the Centennial Celebration of Naval Aviation which will kick off in San Diego in January and end in Washington in December. There was also a lot of discussion about the way ahead with the F-35 program. When you receive this month’s Navy and read about the F-35 program you will see that the mix of B models for the Marine Corps and C models for the Navy is still to be determined. Today the Commandant says that the Corps is in favor of the integration plan with one Marine F-35 squadron in each Navy Air Wing, and the Marines are buying the VSTOL B model. Today the Navy says that it is in favor of the integration plan (begun under CNO Clark) and that only tailhook C models will be aboard the carriers. Maybe we will do a survey on the web to see which way you think that will turn out.

Tuesday I will be traveling to Annapolis for the change of command for VADM Mike Miller. Previously the new superintendent was the head of the Navy’s Office of Legislative Affairs. We intend to visit him as soon as he settles in to discuss making the Midshipmen members of AUSN.

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