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A summer in DC has introduced me to the life of a commuter - trains, buses, cars, traffic and people fill my morning and evening commutes into, and out of the city. I would be lying if I said that I had not become proficient at passing the time on this said commute - books, music, napping, talking - you name it, I am an expert! However, beyond the obvious commuter tactics lies the "holy grail" of DC commuter life - The Washington Post Express. Now, hailing from Chicago I was skeptical that there was (1) a top notch train system (yes, trust me, top notch) compared to the Metra lines I was used to, and (B) that any print form of the Washington Post was FREE and handed to me daily by my smiling distributor Norman. Just for those who are not familiar with this delightful publication - I receive my morning dose of news events, crossword, sudoku, and interesting facts and figures - which are some of my favorite pieces of information. The Express goes so far as to publish a small column each day - if it can even be called that - that reccounts historic events which occured on that day in history; so, taking a nod from the Express, I have decided to do the same! So, here it goes, on July 7th:

  •  1898 - The United States Anexes Hawaii

  •  1928 - Sliced bread is sold for the first time by the Chillicothe Baking Company of Chillicothe, Missouri.

  •  1948 - Six female reservists become the first women sworn into the regular U.S. Navy.

  •  1981 - Sandra Day O'Connor nominated for the Supreme Court

Now, to elaborate a bit! On July 7, 1898, President McKinely signed the Newlands Resolution which officially annexed Hawaii to the United States. The Newlands Resolution established a five-member commission to determine what laws were needed in Hawaii. Hawaii remained a territory until it was admitted as the 50th state on August 21, 1959. Beyond its beaches, culture and undeniable beauty Hawaii is home to the events of Pearl Harbor, a date which will truly live in infamy.

In my research I discovered that on July 7, 1928, sliced bread was sold for the first time by the Chillicothe Baking Company. While it may not be as historical as the annexation of Hawaii - I personally believe that sliced bread is something that we should all be excited about. I honestly cannot imagine how odd it would be to open a bag of Wonder Bread only to discover that I need to also grab my cutting board and knife in order to make my BLT or turkey and Swiss. We have certainly come a long way in the bread making business since 1928 - crustless bread and pre made - PB & Js are available for purchase at grocery stores around the country - and of course the all time favorite sliced bread. Plus, the saying, "He thinks he's the greatest thing since sliced bread," now has an official starting date! 

WAVES (Women Accepted for Volunteer Emergency Service) was a WWII-era division of the United States Navy made up entirely of women. The WAVES, and accompanying acceptance of women into the Navy was meant to be temporary, with the intent that at the conclusion of the war women would not be allowed to continue in thier Navy careers. However, with the passage of the Women's Armed Services Integration Act on June 12, 1948, women gained permanent status in the armed services. The first six enlisted women, Kay Langdon, Wilma Marchal, Edna Young, Frances Devaney, Doris Robertson and Ruth Flora, were sworn into the regular Navy on July 7, 1948. 

While I may be a tad bit bias, I cannot go without saying that on July 7, 1981, Sandra Day O'Connor was nominated to the Supreme Court of The United States. Justice O'Connor was nominated by President Reagan, and upon confirmation, became the first female to sit on the most esteemed court, where she remained until her retirement in 2006. Justice O'Connor has said that being appointed to SCOTUS is like being struck by lightening...twice. Currently, Justice O'Connor serves as the Chancellor of the College of William and Mary - a place near and dear to my heart, and a position I hope she will retain.

So on this date, July 7th, the U.S. annexed Hawaii, sliced bread was sold for the first time, six female reservists became the first women sworn into the regular U.S. Navy, Sandra Day O'Connor was nominated for the Supreme Court, and Jill Olszewski wrote this enlightening and "historical" post!

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