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Testimony of Theodore (Ted) L. Daywalt, CEO and President of VetJobs to the House Committee on Veteran Affairs / Veteran Affairs Employment Summit
Wednesday, September 13, 2011
Washington, DC


Despite recent press reports, the employment situation of veterans has always been positive. In fact, the unemployment rate for ALL veterans has always been lower than nonveterans and lower than the national unemployment rate.

There is an unemployment issue for young veterans, but it is not because the young veterans lack skills or served in the current wars. The unemployment rate for young veterans had historically been comparable to the national unemployment rate until 2007, at which time the 18 to 24 year old veteran unemployment rate and to some degree the 25 to 29 year old unemployment rate started rising rapidly. The rise in their unemployment rate is directly a result of a DOD call up policy implemented in January 2007.

The high unemployment rate of young veterans is a direct result of their participation in the National Guard and Reserve. Due to the constant activation of National Guard brigades and to a lesser extent of Reserve personnel, upwards of 65% to 70% of employers will not now hire as a new employee and active member of the National Guard and Reserve. The result is the exceptionally high unemployment rate of young veterans. The unemployment rate of 20 to 24 year old veterans in August, 2011, was 30.9%, comprising 66,000 veterans. The bulk of the 66,000 unemployed veterans are in the National Guard.

If a veteran has totally separated from the military, retired, or is a wounded warrior, they are for the most part finding employment. But if a veteran remains active in the National Guard and Reserve, they are having a difficult time finding meaningful employment due to the constant call up schedules.

Veterans do very well in the following disciplines: information technology, project management, consulting, sales, linguists, logistics, transportation, human resources, education, construction, manufacturing, engineering, finance, banking, healthcare, senior executives and expatriates.

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